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Dust Bags for SIEMENS Vacuum Cleaners Cloth Multi Layer (Pack of 10 + 2 Filters) + 10 Fresheners Tabs

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Dust Bags for SIEMENS Vacuum Cleaners Cloth Multi Layer (Pack of 10 + 2 Filters) + 10 Fresheners Tabs

Premium quality, fully compatible replacement Cloth Multi Layer Dust Bags made to fit your Siemens vacuum cleanerSolid plastic dust trap retaining collar and tight sponge seal to prevent dirt spills.

Pack includes:
10 x Dust Bags (300mm x 280mm) 
2 x Filters (190mm x 80mm)
10 x Individually wrapped flower fresh scented tab fresheners for use with your vacuum cleaner. Simply place one inside each bag for a fresh & fragrant living area. 

Fit Models:


BS55, Edition 150, Green Energy, Hygienic Power VS07 G0000 - VS07 G9999, Junior 600, M 5.0 VS M5 0000 - VS M5 9999, VSM5GP1266, Power Edition Evolution VS91A16 super L 910, VS92A2001, VS92A18, Rapid VS04G0000 - VS04G9999, Super 10, 71, 100, 110, 120, 711, 715, VS7, VS50, VS52, VS58, VS100, VS101, VS710, VS711, VS7112, VS7150, VS7231, VS69000 - VS6999, VS10000 - VS10999, VS70000 - VS71999, Super C VS60A00 - VS60A69, VSB00 - VSB69, B99, Super E VS06G0000 - VS06G9999, VS32A00 - VS33A99, VS32B00 - VS33B99, VS70A00 - VS79A99, VS70B00 - VS79B99, Super M Junior 600, VS70C00 - VS79C99, VS70D00 - VS79D99, Super S VS42A00 - VS44A99, VS42B00 - VS44B99, VS40000 - VS49999, VS5000 - VS59999, VS50B00 - VS59B99, VS50C00 - VS50C99, VS50D00 - VS50D99, VS50E00 - VS50E99, VS50KA00- VS59KA99, Super XS VS50A00 - VS50A99, Synchropower VS06G000 - VS06G9999, VS06GP1266, Technopower VS07G0000 - VS07G9999, Q 4.0 Silence Power VSQ4G1400, VSQ4G1432, VSQ4G2122, VSQ4G2130, VSQ4G2131, VSQ4G3132, VSQ4G2135, VS90A00 - VS90A99, VS320 - VS339, VS420 - VS449, Z3.0 VSZ30000 - VSZ9999, VSZ3XTRM, VSZ3GP1215, VSZ3GP1266, Z4.0 VSZ40000 - VSZ49999, Z5.0 VSZ5GPX1, VSZ5XTRM, Z6.0 VSZ6000 - VSZ69999, VSZ6GP1262, VSZ6GP1266, VSZ6XTRM, VSZ612M1, VSZ61245GB, VSZ62545, VSZ62546, VSZ62547

This product is designed to be compatible with Siemens machines and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.

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