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Enamelled Baking Tray Pan Base for Whirlpool Oven Cooker 445mm x 375mm

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Baking Tray Base for Whirlpool Oven Cooker

Brand new, compatible replacement baking tray base for your Whirlpool oven cooker.

Measurements (mm): 445 x 375 x 20

Fits models:


AKP 137/IX, AKP 138/IX, AKP 247 IX, AKP 247 NA, AKP 248 GR, AKP 248 NA, AKP 248 WH, AKP 264/IX, AKP 264/NB, AKP 265/IX, AKP 274/IX, AKP 277/IX, AKP 285 IX, AKP 285 NB, AKP 286 IX, AKP 286 NB, AKP 286/IX, AKP 366 IX, AKP 366 WH, AKP 429/IX, AKP 462/IX, AKP 501 WH/W, AKP 528 IX, AKP 528 WH, AKP 530/MR, AKP 532 IX, AKP 532 WH, AKP 547/IX, AKP 568/IX, AKP 603/02 AV, AKP 603/02 WH, AKP 603/IN/0, AKP 607/NB, AKP 612/IX, AKP 616/GR, AKP 616/WH, AKP 619/IX/02, AKP 621/AV/0, AKP 621/IX/0, AKP 621/NB/0, AKP 629 AR, AKP 629 GR, AKP 629 NA, AKP 629 WH, AKP 630 AV, AKP 630 IX, AKP 630 NB, AKP 630 WH, AKP 633 IX, AKP 633 WH, AKP 685 IX, AKP 685/01 NB, AKP 727/IX/02, AKP 763/IX/01, AKP 763/NB/01, AKP 765 IX, AKP 765 WH, AKP 765/01 IX, AKP247/IX, AKP248/WH, AKP285/IX, AKP285/NB, AKP286/IX/03, AKP366/WH/06, AKP366/WH, AKP368/IX, AKP501 IX, AKP501/IX, AKP501/NB, AKP501/WH, AKP502/IX/01, AKP504/01/WS, AKP505/AV, AKP505/WH, AKP514/IX, AKP516/NB, AKP516/WH, AKP528/IX, AKP601/NB/02, AKP601/WH/02, AKP603/AV/01, AKP603/AV/02, AKP603/WH/01, AKP605/IX/01, AKP605/WH/01, AKP605/WH, AKP606/NB, AKP606/WH, AKP608/NB, AKP608/WH, AKP610/WH/01, AKP610/WH, AKP611/IX, AKP611/NB, AKP611/WH, AKP615/NB, AKP616/AN, AKP616/AR, AKP619/IX/02, AKP619/WH/02, AKP621/WH/01, AKP624/AV, AKP624/WH, AKP633/IX, AKP633/WH, AKP637/WH, AKP685 NB, AKP702/WH, AKP703/NB/01, AKP703/WH/01, AKP705/01/WS, AKP706/AV/01, AKP706/NB/01, AKP706/WH/01, AKP706/WH, AKP708/WH/01, AKP708/WH/02, AKP711/IX, AKP712/AV/03, AKP712/IX/03, AKP712/IX/04, AKP712/IX/05, AKP712/IX, AKP712/NB/01, AKP712/NB/03, AKP712/NB/04, AKP712/NB/05, AKP712/NB, AKP712/WH/01, AKP712/WH/03, AKP712/WH/04, AKP712/WH, AKP716/AV/01, AKP716/AV/02, AKP716/IX/02, AKP716/NB/01, AKP716/NB/02, AKP716/WH/01, AKP716/WH/02, AKP718/WH/04, AKP724/IX, AKP724/NB/01, AKP724/NB, AKP724/WH/01, AKP724/WH, AKP754/AV, AKP754/WH, AKP756/01/EW, AKP756/IX/01, AKP756/WH/01, AKP762/AV, AKP762/IX/01, AKP762/IX, AKP762/NB, AKP762/WH/01, AKP762/WH, AKP762NB, AKP762WH, AKP763/IX/01, AKP763/NB/01, AKP766/AV, AKP766/IX, AKP766/NB, AKP766/WH, AKP768/IX, AKP772/IX, AKP777/AV, AKP777/WH, AKR 216 AV, AKR 216 WH, AKR212/AV, AKR212/IX, AKR212/NB, AKR212/WH, AKR216/AV, AKR216/IX, AKR216/NB, AKR216/WH, AKR224/AV, AKR224/IX, AKR224/NB, AKR224/WH, AKZ 122 IX, AKZ 127 IX, AKZ 127 NB, AKZ 127 WH, AKZ 131 IX, AKZ 131 NB, AKZ 131 WH, AKZ 131/01 IX, AKZ 141 IX, AKZ 144 IX, AKZ 144 NB, AKZ 144 WH, AKZ 147 NB, AKZ 147 WH, AKZ 157 IX, AKZ 157 NB, AKZ 157 WH, AKZ 178 AV, AKZ 178 IX, AKZ 178 NB, AKZ 178 WH, AKZ 181 IX, AKZ 182 IX, AKZ 182 NB, AKZ 182 WH, AKZ 183 IX, AKZ 184/NB, AKZ 189 IX, AKZ 231 AV, AKZ 231 IX/01, AKZ 231 IX, AKZ 231 NB, AKZ 231 WH....., AKZ 231 WH, AKZ 241 IX, AKZ 276 IX, AKZ 276 NB, AKZ 276 WH, AKZ 277 IX, AKZ 312 AV, AKZ 312 IX, AKZ 312 NB, AKZ 312 WH, AKZ 314 WH, AKZ 315 WH, AKZ 317 AV, AKZ 317 IX, AKZ 317 NB, AKZ 317 WH, AKZ 420 IX, AKZ 420 NB, AKZ 420 WH, AKZ 422 IX, AKZ 431 AL, AKZ 431 IX, AKZ 431 NB, AKZ 431 WH, AKZ 431/AL/01, AKZ 431/IX/01, AKZ 431/NB/01, AKZ 431/WH/01, AKZ 433 IX, AKZ 444 IX, AKZ 444 NB, AKZ 447 IX, AKZ 447 MR, AKZ 448 IX, AKZ 448 TI, AKZ 450 GR, AKZ 472 IX, AKZ 472 NB, AKZ 472 WH, AKZ 485 IX, AKZ 485 NB, AKZ 485 WH, AKZ 492 IX, AKZ 492 MR, AKZ 492 NB, AKZ 492 WH, AKZ 493 IX, AKZ 498 IX, AKZ 498/IX/01, AKZ 501/IX/01, AKZ 501/WH/01, AKZ 503/IX, AKZ 531 AL, AKZ 531 AV, AKZ 531 IX, AKZ 531 NB, AKZ 531 WH, AKZ 531/IX/01, AKZ 531/NB/01, AKZ 531/WH/01, AKZ 577 IX, AKZ 577 NB, AKZ 587 IX, AKZ103/IX, AKZ103/NB, AKZ103/WH, AKZ112/NB, AKZ112/WH, AKZ114/NB, AKZ114/WH, AKZ117/IX, AKZ117/NB, AKZ117/WH, AKZ121/AV, AKZ121/IX, AKZ121/NB, AKZ121/WH, AKZ122/IX/01, AKZ122/MR/01, AKZ122/NB/01, AKZ122/WH/01, AKZ131/AL, AKZ131/AV, AKZ131/IX, AKZ131/NB/01, AKZ131/NB, AKZ131/WH, AKZ147/WH, AKZ171/IX, AKZ171/NB, AKZ171/WH, AKZ172/IX, AKZ181/IX, AKZ181/NB, AKZ181/WH, AKZ182/IX, AKZ195/IX, AKZ201/AV, AKZ201/IX, AKZ201/NB, AKZ201/WH, AKZ203/WH, AKZ207/IX, AKZ207/WH, AKZ208/IX, AKZ211/NB, AKZ219/WH, AKZ224/WH, AKZ230/AV, AKZ230/IX, AKZ230/NB, AKZ230/WH, AKZ231/AV, AKZ231/IX, AKZ231/NB, AKZ231/WH, AKZ232/AV, AKZ232/IX, AKZ232/NB, AKZ232/WH, AKZ275/IX, AKZ275/NB, AKZ275/WH, AKZ276/IX, AKZ285/AV, AKZ285/IX, AKZ285/NB, AKZ285/WH, AKZ286/IX, AKZ286/NB, AKZ286/WH, AKZ287/IX, AKZ287/NB, AKZ305/WH, AKZ308/NB, AKZ308/WH, AKZ309/WH, AKZ311/WH, AKZ312/IX/01, AKZ313/AV, AKZ313/WH, AKZ315/AV, AKZ315/IX, AKZ317/IX/01, AKZ318/WH, AKZ420/IX, AKZ420/NB, AKZ420/WH, AKZ421/IX/01, AKZ421/IX, AKZ421/NB/01, AKZ421/NB, AKZ421/WH/01, AKZ421/WH, AKZ423/IX, AKZ431/AL/01, AKZ431/AL/03, AKZ431/IX/01, AKZ431/NB/01, AKZ431/WH/01, AKZ435/IX, AKZ444/IX, AKZ447/IX, AKZ447/MR, AKZ447/TI/04, AKZ447/TI, AKZ448/IX/01, AKZ448/IX, AKZ448/TI, AKZ472/IX/01, AKZ472/NB/01, AKZ472/NB, AKZ485/IX, AKZ485/NB, AKZ485/WH, AKZ492/IX, AKZ492/MR, AKZ492/WH, AKZ493/IX/03, AKZ501/IX/01, AKZ501/IX, AKZ501/WH/01, AKZ501/WH, AKZ503/IX, AKZ503/WH, AKZ505/IX, AKZ531/AV, AKZ531/IX/01, AKZ531/NB/01, AKZ531/WH/01, AKZ531/WH, AKZ532/IX, AKZ577/NB, AKZ586/IX, AKZ615/AV, AKZ615/IX, AKZ668/IX, AMW 545/IX, AMW 696/IXL, AMW 698/IXL, AMW 798/IX, AMW 820/IX, AMW 835/IXL, AMW 842/IX, AMW 842/IXL, AMW 843/IXL, AMW 848/IXL, MW P T10S, MWC-XSL/60-C, MWC-XSL/60, MWP G00 AN, MWP G00S, MWP G00WF, MWP T00 AN, MWP T00S, MWP T00WF, OV G005S, OV G00S, OV G105S, OV G10S, OV T005 AN, OV T005S, OV T105S, OVG005 AN, EGZH5800/IN

This product is designed to be compatible with Whirlpool machines and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original manufacturer.

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