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TRITON Shower Pressure Relief Device PRD 82800450 Black Genuine

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Genuine TRITON Electric Shower Pressure Relief Device (PRD)

Brand new, genuine original replacement pressure relief device including replacement burst disc seal for your Triton electric shower. This black PRD can be used to replace the older, cream coloured PRD with rubber ball and ring seal as well as the newer black PRD installed on most new Triton showers.

Kit Includes:
1 x Pressure Relief Device (PRD)
1 x Burst Disc Seal

Fits models:


Fits the vast majority of all Triton electric showers - including (but not limited to) these specific models:

Triton Aquatronic 4 Plus
Triton Agio
Triton Alicante
Triton Amber (All Models)
Triton Amber 3
Triton Aquablast
Triton Aquastorm
Triton Aquasurge
Triton Aquatronic (All Models)
Triton Aquatronic 1 Plus
Triton Aquatronic 2
Triton Aquatronic 2 Plus
Triton Aquatronic 2 Ultra
Triton Aquatronic 3
Triton Aquatronic 3 Plus
Triton Aquatronic 3 Ultra
Triton Aquatronic 4
Triton Aquatronic 4 Plus
Triton Aquatronic 4 Ultra
Triton Aspirante
Triton Aspirante Electric
Triton Aspirante Millenium
Triton Aspirante Millennium
Triton Aspirante Remote
Triton Aspirante Topaz
Triton Aspirante Wireless Remote
Triton Aspirante Xr
Triton Aviva
Triton Barbados
Triton Belize
Triton Bermuda
Triton Bewitch
Triton Bezique
Triton Bezique 2
Triton Biarritz
Triton Biarritz 2
Triton Biscay
Triton Biscay 2
Triton Biscay II
Triton Cara
Triton Carino
Triton Caselona
Triton Caselona 2
Triton Caselona 3
Triton Caselona II
Triton Collections
Triton Colourwave
Triton Colourwave Remote
Triton Desire
Triton Enchant
Triton Enlight
Triton Enrich
Triton Entice
Triton Excite
Triton Excite Eco
Triton Forte
Triton Hawaii
Triton Inscriptions
Triton Ivory
Triton Ivory (All Models)
Triton Ivory 2
Triton Ivory 3
Triton Ivory 4
Triton Ivory 4 MK2
Triton Ivory III
Triton Jade (All Models)
Triton Jade 2
Triton Jade 3
Triton Jade II
Triton Jade III
Triton Jewel
Triton Kito
Triton Madrid
Triton Madrid 2
Triton Marbella
Triton Martinique
Triton Millenium
Triton Millenium Care
Triton Millennium Care
Triton Millennium Thermostatic
Triton Monaco
Triton Opal
Triton Opal (All Models)
Triton Opal 2
Triton Opal 3
Triton Osiris
Triton Passion
Triton Perea
Triton Perluso
Triton Pietra
Triton Plasma
Triton Prostyle Plus
Triton Rally
Triton Rapide
Triton Rapide 2
Triton Rapide 2 Plus
Triton Rapide 3
Triton Rapide 3 Plus
Triton Rapide 4
Triton Rapide 4 Plus
Triton Rapide R1
Triton Rapide R2
Triton Rapide R3
Triton Safeguard
Triton Safeguard Care
Triton Safeguard Care Pumped
Triton Safeguard Plus
Triton Safeguard Pumped
Triton Salsa
Triton salsa MK2
Triton Sambada
Triton Serano
Triton Seville
Triton Shannon
Triton Spellbind
Triton T100 XR
Triton T100E
Triton T100e Care
Triton T100e Care Plus
Triton T100e Care Thermostatic
Triton T100e Thermostatic Care
Triton T100EM Care
Triton T100i
Triton T100si
Triton T100XR
Triton T150Z
Triton T150Z Pumped
Triton T300i
Triton T300Si
Triton T300si Remote
Triton T300si Wireless
Triton T70
Triton T70GSI
Triton T70I
Triton T70Si
Triton T70xr
Triton T70Z
Triton T75
Triton T80
Triton T80 XR
Triton T80GSI
Triton T80i
Triton T80Si
Triton T80SI Extra
Triton T80SI Pumped
Triton T80xr
Triton T80xr Eco
Triton T80Z
Triton T80z Fast Fit
Triton T80Z MK2
Triton T80z Slimline
Triton T80Z Thermostatic
Triton T90 (All Models)
Triton T900PI
Triton T90SI
Triton T90xr
Triton Topaz (All Models)
Triton Topaz T100si
Triton Topaz T80SI
Triton Touch
Triton Trance
Triton Trance 2
Triton Trance MK2
Triton TX8500I
Triton W8500
Triton Wickes Aquatronic 2
Triton Wickes Aquatronic 4
Triton Wickes MK1
Triton Wickes MK2
Triton Wickes W8500
Triton Zante
Triton Zante 2
Triton Zante 3
Triton Zante II
Triton Zante III  

How To Install:
A pressure relief device (PRD) is a safety feature installed in electric showers. If heated water fails to escape through the shower head due to a blockage, the PRD will blow, thereby allowing the water to escape through an outlet pipe before it causes damage to the heating tank. ***A PRD cannot be reset once it bursts and must be replaced.***

To install, first remove the shower hose & unscrew the outlet pipe. When you've removed the screws, twist & pull to remove and you'll find the PRD, which is attached to the outlet pipe with 2 screws. Unscrew from pipe & discard. Ensure your new PRD has the burst disc firmly attached, then press into place & screw on to outlet pipe. Refit hose & cover. Set the temperature of your shower to cold before you run it for the first time after replacing the PRD to allow the heating tank to refill, ensuring you don't damage the elements.

***Please note: all dimensions indicated in this ad are approximate and may vary slightly from indicated measurements. They are included as a guide to assist you in selecting the right part for your machine***

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